A Map of You

I’m here again with my bag
Along this way without name
After the umpteenth quarrel
About nothing that really care

Paint your breath on my breast
Draw your thoughts on the nape of my neck
Write along the edge of my groin
Mark a course, make me understand
How I could reach you…

A Map of you
It could be so useful for me
So I’d not chose the wrong way
A Map of you
Could help me not to waste the time
That I could spend all with you

I’m carrying only my boots
Of my umbrella… the frame…
Under this rain that can wash away
Everything but not, not the pain

Tatoo your feelings on my back
Knot my hair so that I cannot forget
The route that you’ll have
mapped out on my skin
That’ll lead my soul to you…

A Map of you…

Please don’t take a long time
Don’t doubt, try to decide
Let a chance to our lives
Our lives absent-mindedly wise
Wisely to live…

A Map of you…

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